ConnectBTC, the Bitcoin network’s newest mining pool is announcing today its launch to the public.

ConnectBTC pool is developed and operated by Bitmaintech Israel, Bitmain’s first R&D center outside of China, working to innovate pooled mining services, and deliver advanced capabilities to bitcoin mining operations of all sizes.

Being the newest product out of Bitmaintech Israel’s lab, the ConnectBTC pool puts the latest in pooled mining services directly in the hands of miners. ConnectBTC’s pool provides highly detailed real-time information and analytics to miners, and gives mining operators a better understanding of their performance, without having to develop custom internal monitoring tools.

“Our role as pools is to provide miners with liquidity and stability. We provide miners with real time data in an easy to use UI, while keeping payment plans simple and stable. In recent years, pools have come up with imaginative new payout methods that confuse customers and displace risks back to the miners” noted ConnectBTC’s Manager Mr. Gadi Glikberg. “High subsidies on regular PPS plans allow miners to benefit from the increase in transaction fees while avoiding any risks” he added.

Miners who wish to join the new pool can register at and start mining immediately. There’s no configuration or setup required. ConnectBTC automatically sets-up workers, liberating mining operators from having to maintain two sets of configuration both locally and at the pool.

ConnectBTC was fully developed by Bitmaintech in Israel, independently of any other pool. Operating under a robust infrastructure and employing the latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure members can maximize their profit and minimize the work required of them, ConnectBTC aims to be the new home for miners.


Press Contact:

Gadi Glikberg

[email protected]

17 Hatidhar, Ra’anana, Israel

+972 (0)77 346 3410

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