Dear customers,

Recently there has been incorrect information posted about sales and distribution of Bitmain miners. We would like all of our customers to have the correct information:

1. As explained in our previous blog post, Bitmain has no official vendors. We encourage all our customers to purchase only from our official web site.

2. We do not sell our machines continually. We sell in batches, based on our production schedule. When a batch is sold out there are no more sales until the next batch is announced.

3. We do not reveal the number of miners we are producing, or future production plans. If such information is advertised or claimed, it is not from us and is not reliable. Customers should not make purchase plans or decisions based on such claims.

Demand for Bitmain miners is very high. We strive to be fair and to give our customers the best opportunity we can to purchase our miners.

Best regards,


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