As the global digital currency mining industry enters into a new stage of development, Bitmain places more attention on long-term investments and cooperation with its customers to adapt to market fluctuations.

The current Antminer sales model supports the value of long-term investing, which is widely recognized by global customers. The recent batch of Antminer S19j Pro for Q1 and Q2 orders of 2022 began sales during the middle of August and has successfully sold out in a short period of time. Carried by strong market demand, the confidence of customers remain at an all-time high, which stimulated the rapid sales of the miners.

The Antminer 19 series represents Bitmain’s capabilities as one of the world’s leading producers of cryptocurrency mining hardware, manufacturing excellent products, and leading the industry in computational power. In addition, Bitmain provides comprehensive after-sales services that guarantee assurance to long-term investors. This is realized through the successful launch and support which was provided to the S9 series. The 19 series receives the same support and is expected to have a remarkable lifecycle of over five years.

Due to the recent global chip shortage and the impact of the epidemic, the delivery cycle of semiconductor materials has been affected. In order to ensure customers with stable and quality products, Bitmain’s supply chain team actively worked with global partners to effectively enhance the production of Antminers to meet global demands. Currently, Bitmain will continue to steadily increase the production of its products.

Bitmain is grateful for the continuous support from its customers and is committed to providing better products and services. The sales plan for the next batch of Antminers is set to be released in September for Q2 and Q3 of 2022.

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