Bitmain – the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware, announces the signing of a new cooperation agreement between Bitmain Supercomputing Center Research Institute (BSCI) and KASH PARTNERS.

KASH PARTNERS is one of the largest cryptocurrency mining companies in Korea. The company plans to invest 10 million US dollars with stable income activities such as domestic construction of data centers, mining hardware acquisition, and custody services. By providing the most advanced mining hardware at present, the Antminer S19 Pro. Bitmain will support KASH PARTNERS with achieving their goal of a 30MW facility that can operate nearly 10,000 units of the most advanced miners.

“KASH PARTNERS has been a longtime friend of ours. We would be more than happy to broaden our cooperation and deepen the partnership that we have together. With the full deployment of the 30MW facility, we are paving the way for their goal of a 50MW facility. This will be a milestone for both Bitmain and KASH PARTNERS”, said Jelly Fan, Director of BSCI, Bitmain.

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