Antminer Z9 Mini Shipments: An Experiment in Radical Transparency

With multiple thriving cryptocurrencies supported by diverse development roadmaps within each, Bitmain strongly believes that the permissionless internet of money promises a more secure future. Zcash is one such cryptocurrency that we hope to see thrive and help deliver on this promise.

Bitmain supports those members of the Zcash community who believe that security, reliability, and accessibility are among the highest-order values in a cryptocurrency network. We also believe that dedicated, ASIC-based mining systems reinforce these values. This is especially evident given recent news about the potential security dangers when crypto networks are not secured by large amounts of dedicated and dependable mining power.

Given that, we want to make sure we do our best to allow Zcash community members to predict and plan for when increased hash rate comes online.

We have therefore decided to carry out the shipments and QA of all Antminer Z9 Mini units in the most transparent fashion possible. To this end, we will tweet real-time updates from our QA teams and shipping warehouse via our official account (on 19th June, all Tweets, including these Z9 mini updates, relating to Antminer series and all other products sold on moved to, using the hashtag #Z9QA. As has always been our policy, all orders will be shipped on a first-paid-first-shipped basis. We will also share the time of payments (though not the identity or location of the buyer) for the orders that are about to be shipped.

This is something we have never done before but we continue to experiment with the best ways to work and communicate with the communities in which we operate.

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  1. Great news.. please keep us updated

  2. This is a game changer, big ups to you!

  3. Wow. It means I will receive my Z9 even faster then 1 of July so I have even more time before the 2-nd batch in September to mine on a lower hash difficulty.

    That’s a grate news. Thank you!

  4. This is not fair at all according to the tweets. Batch 1 buyers are supposed to receive their miners all at the same time, if you guys want to ship the first 77 miners ahead of all others, then charge more for them or charge less for the people who made the payments 10 minutes later. This is not the kind of transparency we want.

    • Hi Lei,

      Because of production and shipping limitations, we are unable to ship all the ordered miners at once. In the case of new models, such as the Antminer Z9 mini, the miners are produced according to the confirmed orders. So, in other words, miners that are not there yet cannot be shipped and we do our best to ship them as soon as they are there.

      To avoid any confusion about the above, we have clarified clearly on the website and before the order payment page that the miners will be shipped on a “first-paid-first-shipped” basis.



  5. Concerned miner

    June 17, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    Can you tell me what happened to the 2nd shipment of the 1st batch? After the 1st 77 units, no more news. Supposed to update buyers on what happened on 15th June. Now still no news. And your Twitter handle BitmainTech sort of disappeared one or two days before 15 June. What happened? Can Bitmain contact all 1st batch buyer? Difficulty is rising quickly due to Innosilicon A9. How is Bitmain going to handle this?

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