Beware of the Phishing Website

phishing website bifmaintechWe were today informed by a concerned Bitmain fan that a website with a domain ( similar to that of Bitmain’s official website is mirroring our original website. He found this website through a Reddit post announcing release of the Antminer R4.

phishing website bifmaintech

Interestingly the Reddit post links to another article on a tech news’ website called It may be good for our advertisement but the article is filled with phishing links and inaccurate information.  To lure customers into buying from their phishing website, the website displays an unbelievably low price of $995 and also includes the APW5 in that “$995 package”.

We have reported the issue to the website on their “Contact Us” page but not sure if the message went through because it doesn’t show any confirmation message.

We hope that no Bitmain fan or anyone is tricked into paying on this website.

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  1. I think you may have a new one:

    • Thank you for the info BPJ. We are looking into this.

      • is for sure a scam site… They fooled me and I got ripped off and then there site disappeared in jan 25th and all there registrant contact info was all BS fake info that does not point to the real culprits… also when I was trying to track down the btc they stole from me one wallet alone that they were sending funds out of into what seems to be a tumbler account to try and launder the btc they stole showed more then 500btc was harvested in there scam. Which puts there scam up there in terms or how much loot they were able to rake in.. And tho bitmain might not realize it.. every time someone ripps someone off thats going to buy a bitminer is also money bitmain loses out on if the customer gets ripped off by others and then dont have the funds to buy from the real bitmain after.

      • THERE BACKKKKKK I just seen that bitMANusa is back up and running under a slightly different url now and its the same scam where they have a fake site and lol they even have a picture of what’s supposed to be there staff but google reverse image search shows its a pic they ripped from the internet of some kids summer camp counselors.

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