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Bitmain Hosts Digital Mining Energy Conference to Promote Renewable Energy Mining in North America

Hong Kong, September 20, 2021 – Bitmain – the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware is hosting the very first Digital Mining Energy Conference (DMC) on September 09, 2021, in Miami, Florida. DMC focuses on the development of mining in North America through the adoption of renewable energy and new mining technologies, co-hosted by Bitfufu and AntAlpha.

The conference provides an ideal platform for miners and renewable energy providers to gather and build new partnerships in setting up future facilities that utilize green energy. Participating companies will showcase the latest technological trends to incorporate into new mining infrastructures.

The event will bring valuable insights which cover current data center operations, investment opportunities, building partnerships with renewable energy suppliers, new mining technologies, mining regulations, and more. DMC will be joined by Bit5ive, Foundry, and Compass mining, along with other top leading mining companies.

DMC Participating Companies

As the mining industry continues to expand and mature, more industries have taken an interest to become a part of the digital currency mining space. The event invites interested parties to join Bitmain and its partners in promoting the global expansion of green energy mining.

Learn more about the event through the event website: https://digitalminingconf.com/

Participating Companies:

Bit5ive, Foundry, Compass Mining, Compute North, Core Scientific, Marathon, Celsius, Gryphon Digital Mining, CleanSpark, Greenidge, Blockquarry, Asic Jungle, Applied Blockchain, Minerset, Cryptech Solutions

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CMF North America: The Current State and Future of the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry

On April 13, Bitmain held the Crypto Mining Forum (CMF) online for the North American Region. Antminer, AntPool, along with key customers and strategic partners all participated in the forum to deliver solid speeches and panels, aiming at bringing together the top leading mining companies’ insights on the current state and the future development of the cryptocurrency mining industry in the region.

Bitmain, Antminer, and AntPool Continues to Empower Users and Mining Industry

The cryptocurrency mining industry has entered a new stage of maturity and stability. Since Bitmain’s establishment in 2013, the company has spared no efforts to develop advanced technologies and innovations to move the industry forward.

Main Speakers

At the forum, Irene Gao, Sales Director of NSCA, Antminer, announced the new global sales strategy from Bitmain. The company will adopt an ordering method with insured clauses for users. To better meet the growing market needs for mining hardware, Antminer recently introduced an annual batch order purchase for the Antminer S19j Pro. Featuring a strong hash rate at 100 TH/s and a low energy efficiency ratio of 29.5 J/TH, the miner can truly bring a long-term investment value to customers.

Eric Wang, North American Operations Manager at AntPool, introduced the mining pool development. According to Eric, in recent years, he has witnessed a significant hash rate growth in the region and forecasts that the region will continue to grow.

To better empower miners, Bitmain announced at the CMF, the company will develop a global mining map to assist customers in finding the best/new locations for new facilities set-up. Besides, Bitmain will establish more cooperative mining centers in North America to empower the industry to flourish and promised to meet the goal of repairing miners in the region to achieve a turnaround time (TAT) of 3 days. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining platform, AntPool will continue to provide miners with more easy-to-use, safe and efficient services, bringing rich and transparent income for miners.

Foundry: Hardware Becomes the Focus of Bitcoin Mining Race

Michael Colyer, CEO of Foundry, the cryptocurrency mining subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), shared his observations and predictions on the current mining market. He said that due to the continuous advancement of Bitcoin mining technology, the mining industry’s demand for chips is competing with other cutting-edge technology companies such as Samsung and Apple, resulting in insufficient global chip supply and a situation of grabbing chip resources. Meanwhile, institutional miners have entered the game, making it harder for people to get miners, and resulting in more competition as intuitions have strong access to investments.

The specialty of the North American market is that companies have access to capital markets. Therefore, more and more companies are planned to go public in the next six months. Moreover, many energy companies have also begun to investigate the Bitcoin market, considering its huge growth potential and will be become more active over time.

In terms of the industry opportunity, Michael pointed out mining hardware will be a great investment option, as most of the mining products can continue to operate for 4-5 years, which will bring a long-term investment value to miners.

State of Mining 2021: Large Scale Operation with Green Development

Panel Discussion 1 Speakers

Moderated by BitOoda CEO Tim Kelly, Core Scientific Chief Customer Success Officer Russell Cann, Greenidge Chief Mining Officer Greg Ohanessian, Crusoe Energy CEO & Co-founder Chase Lochmiller and Crusoe Energy President & Co-founder Cully Cavness joined the panel themed in the State of Mining in 2021.

At the panel, discussers pointed out that as more and more users and institutions have joined the camp, the mining industry is no longer as fragmented and rough as the “wild west”, but it is now moving forward into a stage of institutional miners at a large scale. At present, larger financialization is happening in the space, which increases ways to finance the industry such as debt financing.

Moreover, mining companies pay more attention to relevant regulations and will also increase investment in environmental friendliness. The panel highlights that driving green energy for mining will bring more opportunities and will be crucial for the future.

In the United States, there is an interrelationship between energy and mining. Experts predict that the use of renewable energy and innovative technologies will become a new trend in the development of the mining industry. On one hand, more miners will attach more importance to the relations between mining and sustainable energy and will use renewable energy to promote the reduction of power consumption. On the other hand, the development and application of immersion mining technology is a future trend to keep an eye out for, which can effectively improve energy efficiency ratio of mining hardware, prolonging the life of miners, and provide mining companies with opportunities to open in better mining locations since favorable mining locations are usually in harsh environments.

Energy suppliers also starting to understand the mining industry’s demands, providing more resources and services for large-scale digital mining. Hosting service is also growing, as it comes with advantages such as low electricity prices and professional management.  

In the next few months, miners should consider that more hash rate will be added once mining companies receive their future orders, which can affect the profitability of mining. Altcoins, which provide different innovations, can be considered, nevertheless, Bitcoin will be the core cryptocurrency from a long-term perspective.

Trends & Innovation: New Business Model and the Influx of Institutions

Panel Discussion 2 Speakers

Gemini Asia Pacific Business Development Bureau Director Eugene Ng, Atlas Mining Founder Raymond Yuan, DMG CEO Sheldon Bennett, Clean Spark CEO Zachary Bradford, and Luxor Co-founder & CFO Ethan Vera discussed and predicted the mining trend and innovations at the second panel.

The panel pointed out the new trends in the mining industry. First, the adoption of cooling system leads the new trends, as immersion cooling provides the same hash rate with less power consumption.  Far more important, driven by the vigorous development of the Bitcoin mining industry along with multiple favorable factors, a large number of new investment institutions have entered the market, bringing in a new business model, i.e., the financialization of hash rate.

The influx of investors and institutions is just the beginning. When more speculators participate in the cryptocurrency mining field on a large scale, it will open the door for other digital currencies, and the cryptocurrency market will usher in more opportunities. In terms of technological innovation and application, topics were discussed at the panel around software upgrades, financial tools, and energy improvements to reduce mining costs.

The North American session of the Cryptocurrency Mining Forum was successfully concluded. The CMF Forum is a series of global events held by Bitmain, aiming to build an information-sharing platform for the global mining industry’s discussion, prediction, and prosperity. The forum has been successfully held in Miami, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, and in other cities before, which has gained extensive support and large popularity from Bitmain’s customers, partners, and miners around the world. Soon, the CMF Forum will set sail again in Europe (online), let us look forward to more exciting insights brought by the European section!

Video link to CMF North America

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Mining and Investment Summit 2020 Gathered Industry Leaders to Discuss Risk and Opportunities in Today’s Market

On November 24th, Bitmain joined hands with Matrixport to host the Mining and Investment Summit 2020. This half-day online event brought together the top leading companies in the fields of Cryptocurrency Mining and Digital Asset Financial Services, which delivered the latest and most significant Global Mining Trends, Risk Management, and Investment Opportunities currently happening in the industry.

The Mining and Investment Summit featured three keynote speeches and three-panel discussions. Su Ke, Sales Director of EMEA CIS Region of Antminer, participated and delivered the very first keynote speech, in which he addressed the current market trends, especially the growing demand for miners. He also announced the launch of Bitmain’s new products – Antminer S19j and S19j Pro, following the significant success of the 19 Series. The delivery date for this miner is set in June for China and July for the overseas market.

Su Ke then introduced Bitmain’s recent rack-style new product – AntRack, highlighting its key features, such as its modular design with hot-swappable features, upgradable hash boards, and the water-cooling unit. Su Ke also announced the AntRack to have an estimated availability in May 2021.

Following Su Ke’s presentation, Cynthia Wu, Head of BD and Sales of Matrixport, and Eugene Ng, Director of BD of Matrixport, discussed how miners could maximize gains and hedge risks in today’s market. They discussed Matrixport’s products of hedging with a leveraged bear, buy an insurance (buy a protective put), dual currency product, smart trend, and lending. This was followed by Thomas Heller, COO of Compass, who explained the current state of Bitcoin mining. In the panel discussions, industry elites talked about the global mining landscape, interesting mining trends in 2020, as well as the operations and investment into mining.

The summit came at a crucial time for the industry as the market demand for new and innovative ways to strengthen digital mining is growing, and the global landscape is undergoing a drastic reshape. Bitmain is looking to participate and even host more events like this to develop and share insightful observations and instructions, together with the top minds of the industry.

Interested viewers can find the event video here. If you are interested in participating in the next online event, feel free to contact marketing@bitmain.com

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