Following an intensive two-week accreditation course for Level-1 Miner Maintenance, the first US-based cohort of students from Bitmain’s Ant Training Academy (ATA) in Atlanta has officially graduated.

As part of its ongoing commitment to support customers, Bitmain launched the course to support the growing number of US-based mining facilities.

The new academy seeks to provide a more convenient service for overseas customers.

“It’s fantastic that the ATA is now in the US and more accessible to my team and I. The course gave me practical experience around miner maintenance that I can now bring back to share with the rest of my colleagues,” said Brett Garman, President of The Blockyard LLC, a community of tech professionals and freelancers.

The ATA Maintenance Training Course is designed to educate maintenance personnel for mining farms on how to install, operate, and repair mining equipment. This course was also the first to run outside of Shenzhen, China, where the first academy opened in July last year

The students enrolled for this course were trained by Bitmain’s Senior Engineers of the Antminer Brand, together with Gregory Ohanessian, CEO of VMS Security Cloud, who guided students through the foundations of mining farm operation and maintenance – as well as the more technical aspects of chip-welding, installing hash board testers and software, and maintenance of the Antminer 17 series.

Bitmain acknowledges the hard work of the cohort, who were required to pass both a theoretical and practical exam with scores of at least 80 percent.

Graduates received “Level-1 Qualification” certificates, which validates that they have the basic skills required for miner maintenance. These ATA course certificates aim to be a global standard for cryptocurrency miner maintenance. With these certifications, graduates are also now authorized to buy miner materials. 

“Quality training is often what stands between proper long-term mining care and poor maintenance. It was a no-brainer to attend the US-based ATA course; the new location makes it much more feasible to get equipped with the right skills,” said Kyle Cosentino, Field Operations Engineer for Crusoe Energy Systems a technology-driven flare mitigation provider. 

Kyle Cosentino was awarded a certificate of Top Performance for his outstanding work during the training period. Kyle Cosentino was also awarded a gift voucher for as part of the prize.

Top student Kyle Cosentino was awarded for his outstanding performance

Overall, trainers were extremely pleased to see the keen interest of students, especially as this is Bitmain’s first overseas branch to open since the pioneer academy opened in Shenzhen last year. 

ATA’s next training period to run from 30th March to 11th April 2020. With only 10 seats available, Bitmain encourages potential students to register early. For further information, please contact us

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