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Antminer Maintenance Training Center is Now Open for Registration in the USA

Hong Kong, July 16, 2021 – Antminer Maintenance Training Center (AMTC), formally known as Ant Training Academy (ATA), has re-opened and begun registration for participants to learn mining hardware maintenance and mining facility optimization. AMTC is a training service program launched by Bitmain based on knowledge dissemination, technology inheritance, and accumulation. It is the only training institution and certification authority in the industry that is officially certified by Antminer.

AMTC has released two types of courses. The first is maintenance training, where customers can learn the skills to deal with the latest Antminer faults independently. The second course is operations and maintenance training. Participants will learn to understand the process and foundations of improving the efficiency of a mining facility. Participants can choose from the different courses according to their needs.

AMTC had mainly previously conducted training courses in China and held maintenance training in the United States in 2019. Now two years later, AMTC is returning to the United States. The training center will set up training courses in multiple states in the country, simultaneously offering Antminer maintenance courses and data center maintenance courses. The first training launch is in August. Kindly click the link below for more information.

Operation & Maintenance Training Maintenance Training
8.16-8.22 8.30-9.10
Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia

Operation & Maintenance Training


Maintenance Training


Contact us: training@bitmain.com

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Ant Training Academy Releases 2021 Course Schedule

Sign Up Now to Get a Special New Year’s Deal and an Extra Surprise

Looking back into 2020, a year like no other, Bitmain’s Ant Training Academy (ATA) had made some significant and immediate adjustments to ensure trainees worldwide to receive effective training courses. Moving forward, ATA releases its 2021 S1 course schedule and prepares a special deal for early birds.

2020 Ant Training Academy Milestones

  • April — Domestic/overseas online maintenance training Launch
  • May — Global mining forum and GMF Chengdu Summit
  • June — Released onsite courses on power maintenance in China, optimized the course setup (mandatory and elective courses)
  • June — Strategic partnership with ViaBTC pool for ATA bursary program
  • July — Antminer S19 onsite maintenance training courses
  • August — Antpool online livestream event
  • October — Onsite training course upgrade in China (from Level ½ courses to long-term/short-term courses)
  • November —Antminer S19 online maintenance training courses
  • November — Bitmain mining summit
  • December — Year-end client reward.

2020 ATA’s Maintenance Training Course Data at a Glance

In 2020, Ant Training Academy held 13 onsite maintenance training sessions, with more than 90+ enrolled participants at a 100% qualification rate. 

Given the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ATA also launched online courses in time to help those in need of Antminer maintenance training. In 2020, ten online training sessions were launched in China, while seven were held overseas, involving more than 140 trainees worldwide. Among those participating in the assessment, the certified rate of domestic trainees was 66.7% and 75% for the trainees overseas.

2020 ATA Trainees by Statistics

2021 New Course Preview and a Special Deal for Early Birds

2021, ATA will continue to upgrade and enrich training course offerings to meet the diverse needs of trainees, with more optimized professional guidance and practical experience.  2021 S1 training course schedule has been released, and are now open for application:

  • March 8th -20th   Domestic Online Training Course
  • March 15th -26th   Oversea Online Training Course
  • March 8th -20th   Domestic Onsite Long-term Training Course
  • March 15th -19th   Domestic Onsite Short-term Training Course

* Please note that the actual schedule is subject to specific arrangements

As a big part of the Bitmain community, ATA takes our trainee experience as a priority. Stepping into 2021, ATA has a special discount offer for early birds.

Those who complete new course registration and payment between January to April 2021 will receive:

  • $50 off coupon on course material purchase
  • A chance to win a $300 registration discount

Extra Surprise When You Share

Helping to spread the offer on your social media will get a chance to win an extra surprise. Between 2021 January 20th to 24th, share this post on your Facebook or Twitter, and we will give away a $20 off coupon for those who can get over 68 likes on their shared post.

Just remember to send us the screenshot of the post with your valid name, phone number, Antminer email address to marketing@bitmain.com or Official Facebook/Twitter accounts. The coupon will be given to your corresponding official website accounts by January 31st, 2021.

Limited offers only. First come, first serve!

*Antminer serves the right to interpret.

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Ant Training Academy Offers Optimized Online Courses

Bitmain’s training service upgrading project ‘Ant Training Academy’ (ATA) made significant adjustments this year to ensure that participants worldwide can still be trained amid the global pandemic of COVID-19. ATA launched its online courses and has completed 16 online trainings courses so far, including 9 in Chinese and 7 in English, with more than 130 trainees participated, accounting for nearly 50% of the total number of trainees in 2020.

ATA is the only training institution and certification authority officially certified by Antminer. Based on years of knowledge dissemination and technology inheritance and accumulation, ATA offers optional maintenance training courses: onsite maintenance training and online maintenance training. Onsite maintenance training includes long-term courses (fundamentals of chip welding and miner maintenance training) and short-term courses (miner maintenance training only). Online maintenance training includes various training videos and documents, online trainer guidance, and Q&A.

Due to many participants being unable to attend onsite courses attributed to the pandemic, and with the growing urgency for maintenance training. ATA put together and developed high-standard online courses when the pandemic broke out and eventually came up with an explorative and practical solution as below:

The online maintenance training is composed of 3 phases. Material explanation, Q&A,  and examinations are modules included in each phase. The duration for the online training course is 14 days, and trainees can arrange the online learning time flexibly with exceptions for the assessments.

Course Content

Assessment: 3-Phase Examination (70%) + Theory Assessment (30%)

The maintenance training courses are currently available for the Antminer 9, 17, and 19 series. For the trainees who apply for the online training course from Oct.1, 2020, to Dec.31, 2020, a $200 coupon for purchasing materials on our official website shall be issued. Skills come from practice, so ATA still suggests participants take onsite courses if possible so that they can learn better through hands-on experience and face-to-face guidance from professional instructors.

More information about ATA could be found:

Online courses – https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/articles/900003141683

Onsite courses – https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015970014

As a global leading technology company, Bitmain takes customer experiences as a priority. As a strategic role of Bitmain services, ATA keeps upgrading and evolving and will continue to upgrade training courses as market needs, especially to empower our customers with the ability to maintain and repair their miners, hence to reduce the losses caused by miner failures.

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Forge Ahead with Determination

A Review on Bitmain’s H1 2020

The year 2020 has seen strong turbulence in global markets and industries. In such a time of uncertainty, Bitmain continues to deepen its strengths with industry-leading chip R&D advantage, launch superior products that reset the industry standards. Meanwhile, through its leading experience and expertise, Bitmain keeps on completing its business ecosystem deployment centered on “hash rate” by launching new businesses and services in the hope to drive the development and upgrade of the entire market.

New Product to Drive Industry Standards: Breaking Record Highs Again with the Antminer 19 Series

Antminer 19 Series (Antminer S19 Pro, S19, T19)

In the past few months, Bitmain has once again proved its strong R&D capability through the launch of its record-breaking Antminer 19 Series, which delivers an impressive performance in the global market.

Antminer S19 Pro, S19

On 27 February, Bitmain officially announced the Antminer S19 and S19 Pro. Equipped with a custom-built 7nm chip from Bitmain and enhanced circuit architecture, the Antminer S19 series reset the industry standards with record-breaking power efficiency. The Antminer S19 Pro features a hash rate of 110 TH/s, and an impressive power efficiency of 29.5±%5 J/TH. The Antminer S19 is equipped with a hash rate of 95 TH/s, and power efficiency of 34.5±%5 J/TH. S19 Pro and S19 strongly proved Bitmain’s outstanding innovation capability and position as a leader in the market.

Antminer T19

On June 1st, Bitmain launched the Antminer T19, which is housed with the same generation of custom-built chips found in the Antminer S19 and S19 Pro. Utilizing the new APW12 power supply and upgraded firmware, the T19 offers faster start-up speeds for an optimized mining experience. The T19 is equipped with a hash rate of 84 TH/s ± 3% and has a power efficiency of 37.5 J/TH ± 5%. Comparing with the previous Antminer T17, the T19 greatly improves performance, allowing miners to achieve better efficiency and earnings.

Antminer Z15

Antminer Z15

On May 7th, Bitmain launched the Antminer Z15, featuring a hash rate of 420 KSol/s, and 1510 W power consumption. This is the 3rd generation of Bitmain’s Equihash algorithm miner, which is used for mining ZEC (Zcash) and other cryptocurrencies under Equihash mining. Antminer Z11 was the model with the highest hash rate in the market before Z15, which has made significant improvement on both hash rate and power efficiency.

New Deals to Support Growth Globally: Avoid Potential Shortage through Long-Term Deals

In the past few months, Bitmain has announced multiple purchase deals of millions of USD. Through these long-term deals, Bitmain has built strategic relations with customers while ensuring a stable supply cycle.

On June 27th, the leading blockchain hosting provider Core Scientific announced that it has again partnered with Bitmain to facilitate the purchase of 17,595 units of the Antminer 19 Series. Before that, Core Scientific cooperated with Bitmain to bring the very first Antminer Training Academy to North America last year.

The Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining company Marathon Patent Group announced on August 14th that it has entered into a Long-Term Purchase Contract with Bitmain for the purchase of 10,500 next-generation Antminer S19 Pro ASIC Miners. It is expected that the total 13,520 Antminers will be generating 1.55 Exahash upon full installation.

On August 18th, Riot Blockchain announced a new milestone purchase of 8,000 Antminer S19 Pros from Bitmain with delivery starting January 2021 and continuing through April 2021 until the order is complete. Until then, Riot Blockchain has purchased over 20,140 Antminers from Bitmain within a year.

New Services to Raise Industry Standards: Comprehensively Improved Customer Experiences

Since the beginning of the year, Bitmain launched a series of new offerings, aiming to advance customer experience from all perspectives.

Bitmain Supercomputing Center Research Institute (BSCI)

Bitmain Supercomputing Center Research Institute

Bitmain announced the establishment of the Bitmain Supercomputing Center Research Institute (BSCI) in April. BSCI aims to provide customers with one-stop services on supercomputing centers, from introductory consulting, investment construction, and quality upgrades. It will provide a “turnkey” service for supercomputing centers, which includes standardized design and evaluation of the center, engineering management and consulting, and operation of the supercomputing center.

Hash Guard

Bitmain’s Hash Guard Capabilities

Earlier this year, Bitmain launched the service “Hash Guard”, to provide high-standard maintenance and repair services that set standards for the market. Originally, Hash Guard was a miner operation and repair team established by Bitmain Group in 2014. After five years of growth and development, it has formed a professional team covering miners’ operation, repair, electrical, network, and system development. With a good reputation and excellent professional ability in the industry, our service scope is now spread all over the world. In China, North America, Europe, Central Asia, and other regions, Hash Guard is operating more than 50 data centers and has managed 600,000 miners.


R2-D2 Miner Development

Early in 2020, Bitmain made the decision to channel efforts into the creation of the new R2-D2 branch, the brainchild of the strategic business unit at Bitmain, built to cater for the next generation of mining technology. R2-D2 is an initiative that facilitates investors in having exclusive rights to build their own Antminers. As part of the program, customers will have exclusive usage rights for one year. It works as a long-term solution aimed at growing the mining industry while evolving into the usage of multiple cryptocurrencies. This initiative has more than 40 core design team members working on it, with more than 10 years of professional experience. This development is huge for Bitmain who have been championing mining innovator since 2013.

Upgrade on Training Courses to Attract more Participants: Standardized Training System to Nurture Talents Ready for the Future

Ant Training Academy is a training service project (hereinafter referred to as “Ant Academy” or “ATA”), which was launched by Bitmain based on years of knowledge dissemination and technology inheritance and accumulation. It is the sole training institution and certification authority officially certified by Antminer.

In August, ATA announced the upgrade on its course plan, to attract more talents with more course setting options, in the hope to prepare more qualified professional staff for the industry. 

Currently, the core course of ATA is maintenance training, with the upgrade presently including the 19 Series training program. Also, it now has two options in terms of training periods –a long-term training program lasting two weeks, and a short-term training program lasting five days only – each class now scaled down to eight participants, with the option of elective courses to match the needs of different groups. Successful course participants will qualify for a “Certificate of Accomplishment”, which will include an assessment of their skill level.

Only those who sit through the night could embrace the first ray of sunshine. Bitmain will keep on the Hashrate-centered strategy to advance the evolution of the entire industry and keep on forging ahead to explore more possibilities.

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Bitmain Continues Strong Ties with US-Based Core Scientific to Bring Antminer Technology and Expertise to North America

Bitmain’s partnership with leading US-based blockchain hosting provider Core Scientific continues to bring Bitmain’s renowned technology and expertise to the North American market. 

After announcing the establishment of the first USA-based Ant Training Academy (ATA) in Dalton, Georgia this May, Bitmain and Core Scientific have come together again to facilitate the purchase of 17,595 Antminer 19 series machines to service Core Scientific’s hosting clients and own operations. 

The partnership signifies the largest number of mining machines coordinated for purchase by a single blockchain hosting company and solidifies both Bitmain and Core Scientific as leading global AI and blockchain technology organizations.

In addition to the landmark purchase of S19 models, the new ATA will also extend Bitmain’s highly regarded training and certification services to participants in North America starting in Fall 2020. This means participants will no longer need to travel internationally to access the academy’s in-demand courses and accreditations. 

Bitmain’s ATA is the only training institution and certification authority officially certified by Antminer. Through this partnership, Bitmain has combined the proven ATA curriculum with accredited instructors from Core Scientific, to deliver engaging and practical training to attendees in North America. 

The Dalton, Georgia ATA branch will continue the white glove approach and strong operational excellence that the ATA is renowned for, to ensure that attendees walk away with the critical skills they need to operate at the highest level and secure long term viability of their mining equipment.

Through this partnership with Core Scientific, Bitmain will continue to provide world-leading mining technology and expertise to the world reaching new heights by branching out to the US.

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First US cohort graduates from Ant Training Academy

Following an intensive two-week accreditation course for Level-1 Miner Maintenance, the first US-based cohort of students from Bitmain’s Ant Training Academy (ATA) in Atlanta has officially graduated.

As part of its ongoing commitment to support customers, Bitmain launched the course to support the growing number of US-based mining facilities.

The new academy seeks to provide a more convenient service for overseas customers.

“It’s fantastic that the ATA is now in the US and more accessible to my team and I. The course gave me practical experience around miner maintenance that I can now bring back to share with the rest of my colleagues,” said Brett Garman, President of The Blockyard LLC, a community of tech professionals and freelancers.

The ATA Maintenance Training Course is designed to educate maintenance personnel for mining farms on how to install, operate, and repair mining equipment. This course was also the first to run outside of Shenzhen, China, where the first academy opened in July last year

The students enrolled for this course were trained by Bitmain’s Senior Engineers of the Antminer Brand, together with Gregory Ohanessian, CEO of VMS Security Cloud, who guided students through the foundations of mining farm operation and maintenance – as well as the more technical aspects of chip-welding, installing hash board testers and software, and maintenance of the Antminer 17 series.

Bitmain acknowledges the hard work of the cohort, who were required to pass both a theoretical and practical exam with scores of at least 80 percent.

Graduates received “Level-1 Qualification” certificates, which validates that they have the basic skills required for miner maintenance. These ATA course certificates aim to be a global standard for cryptocurrency miner maintenance. With these certifications, graduates are also now authorized to buy miner materials. 

“Quality training is often what stands between proper long-term mining care and poor maintenance. It was a no-brainer to attend the US-based ATA course; the new location makes it much more feasible to get equipped with the right skills,” said Kyle Cosentino, Field Operations Engineer for Crusoe Energy Systems a technology-driven flare mitigation provider. 

Kyle Cosentino was awarded a certificate of Top Performance for his outstanding work during the training period. Kyle Cosentino was also awarded a gift voucher for as part of the prize.

Top student Kyle Cosentino was awarded for his outstanding performance

Overall, trainers were extremely pleased to see the keen interest of students, especially as this is Bitmain’s first overseas branch to open since the pioneer academy opened in Shenzhen last year. 

ATA’s next training period to run from 30th March to 11th April 2020. With only 10 seats available, Bitmain encourages potential students to register early. For further information, please contact us

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Pioneer cohort inducted to Bitmain’s Ant Training Academy for industry’s first accreditation course for miner maintenance

SHENZHEN, 15 July 2019 – Bitmain, the world’s top 10 and China’s second largest fabless chipmaker, has inducted the pioneer cohort for the Ant Training Academy (ATA) to officially launch the industry’s first accreditation course for miner maintenance.

“Until now, education around miner maintenance was limited to what industry participants could ‘hack’ together. The Ant Training Academy is part of Bitmain’s continued commitment to improve cryptocurrency mining standards, encourage more sustainable practices and bring credibility to the industry,” said Jiang Zhihua, Bitmain’s Global Marketing Director. 

Ant Training Academy Opening Ceremony

ATA’s Maintenance Training Course is designed to educate maintenance personnel for mining farms on how to install, operate, and repair mining equipment. The course runs for a two week period in Shenzhen, China.

The first 16 participants enrolled for this quarter were inducted to ATA’s Maintenance Training Course in an opening Ceremony in Shenzhen where they will be trained by Bitmain’s Senior Engineers of the Antminer Brand.

Successful course participants will qualify for a “Certificate of Accomplishment”, which will include an assessment of their skill level. ATA course certificates aim to be a global standard for cryptocurrency miner maintenance. High-performing participants will be awarded certificates of Excellence and Top Performance.

Ant Training Academy Programme

“Getting the maintenance process right helps to extend the lifetime of cryptocurrency mining hardware. But right now, it is difficult to find the right resources to help one to upskill. I look forward to taking ATA’s course as it’s practical, will save us the cost of sending miners for repair and would shorten the timeframe of miner downtime in the long run,” said Tang Huihong, a technician at a company selling second-hand miners.

Full programme details for ATA’s Maintenance Training Course can be found here.

Applicants for ATA’s next cohort can register via Bitmain’s website.

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