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Bitmain makes another wave, the first batch of Antminer S19j is sold out, order contracts were well received by long-term investment customers

Hong Kong, China, February 27, 2021, Bitmain – the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware announced that the first batch of the Antminer S19j after the Chinese New Year had quickly sold out. Due to the high demand, Bitmain is preparing the second batch to meet with customer’s high demand.

The Antminer S19j maintains exceptional mining capabilities from Bitmain, displaying advanced power efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Similar to the highly-established Antminer S9, the Antminer 19 Series is expected to exceed a 5 year mining lifetime. In addition, Bitmain offers excellent manufacturing quality and after-sales service to guarantee long-term value to investment customers.

As the global cryptocurrency mining industry enters a new stage of development, in terms of sales, Bitmain plans to launch a variety of services for long-term cooperation clients. Bitmain aims to adaptively respond to market opportunities and challenges to conduct joint value investments to achieve the strategic goal of creating up a win-win partnership.

Thanks to valued customer support to the Bitmain and Antminer brand, Bitmain will be holding the “2021 Bitmain Partner Summit” in Shenzhen, China on March 12. During this summit, Bitmain will announce its global sales strategy and introduce the new sales ordering model and other important developments.

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Ant Training Academy Releases 2021 Course Schedule

Sign Up Now to Get a Special New Year’s Deal and an Extra Surprise

Looking back into 2020, a year like no other, Bitmain’s Ant Training Academy (ATA) had made some significant and immediate adjustments to ensure trainees worldwide to receive effective training courses. Moving forward, ATA releases its 2021 S1 course schedule and prepares a special deal for early birds.

2020 Ant Training Academy Milestones

  • April — Domestic/overseas online maintenance training Launch
  • May — Global mining forum and GMF Chengdu Summit
  • June — Released onsite courses on power maintenance in China, optimized the course setup (mandatory and elective courses)
  • June — Strategic partnership with ViaBTC pool for ATA bursary program
  • July — Antminer S19 onsite maintenance training courses
  • August — Antpool online livestream event
  • October — Onsite training course upgrade in China (from Level ½ courses to long-term/short-term courses)
  • November —Antminer S19 online maintenance training courses
  • November — Bitmain mining summit
  • December — Year-end client reward.

2020 ATA’s Maintenance Training Course Data at a Glance

In 2020, Ant Training Academy held 13 onsite maintenance training sessions, with more than 90+ enrolled participants at a 100% qualification rate. 

Given the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ATA also launched online courses in time to help those in need of Antminer maintenance training. In 2020, ten online training sessions were launched in China, while seven were held overseas, involving more than 140 trainees worldwide. Among those participating in the assessment, the certified rate of domestic trainees was 66.7% and 75% for the trainees overseas.

2020 ATA Trainees by Statistics

2021 New Course Preview and a Special Deal for Early Birds

2021, ATA will continue to upgrade and enrich training course offerings to meet the diverse needs of trainees, with more optimized professional guidance and practical experience.  2021 S1 training course schedule has been released, and are now open for application:

  • March 8th -20th   Domestic Online Training Course
  • March 15th -26th   Oversea Online Training Course
  • March 8th -20th   Domestic Onsite Long-term Training Course
  • March 15th -19th   Domestic Onsite Short-term Training Course

* Please note that the actual schedule is subject to specific arrangements

As a big part of the Bitmain community, ATA takes our trainee experience as a priority. Stepping into 2021, ATA has a special discount offer for early birds.

Those who complete new course registration and payment between January to April 2021 will receive:

  • $50 off coupon on course material purchase
  • A chance to win a $300 registration discount

Extra Surprise When You Share

Helping to spread the offer on your social media will get a chance to win an extra surprise. Between 2021 January 20th to 24th, share this post on your Facebook or Twitter, and we will give away a $20 off coupon for those who can get over 68 likes on their shared post.

Just remember to send us the screenshot of the post with your valid name, phone number, Antminer email address to or Official Facebook/Twitter accounts. The coupon will be given to your corresponding official website accounts by January 31st, 2021.

Limited offers only. First come, first serve!

*Antminer serves the right to interpret.

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Bitmain Signs Another Deal of 15,000 Antminer S19 Series with Riot Blockchain, Empowering it with a Significant Mining Hash Rate Growth

Hong Kong, Dec. 22, 2020 – Bitmain – the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware today announces a new purchase deal of 15,000 S19 Series Antminers with Riot Blockchain, Inc. (“Roit Blockchain” or “Roit”), a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining company.  This approx. $35 million purchase is comprised of 3,000 S19 Pro Antminers (110 TH) and 12,000 S19j Pro Antminers (100 TH). These top-selling miners are scheduled for receipt and deployment starting in May 2020 and continuing through October 2021.  

In total, Riot has purchased 37,640 next-gen fleet of miners from Bitmain within this year.  Bitmain’s S19 Series has quickly become a true game-changer and a model of high performance in the market since its debut. With the new order of 15,000 S19 series Antminers, combined with the previous purchases, Riot is predicted to significantly increase its mining rate capacity to 3.8EH/s in 2021 and will gain an aggregate mining efficiency of 31.79±% 5 J/TH after full deployment.   

“We are extremely excited to expand and deepen our partnership with Riot Blockchain again this year. In total, Riot additionally purchased 15,000 Antminer 19 series. The 19 series enjoy a wide popularity in the global markets with outstanding hash rates and power efficiency, which continuously bring tremendous values to our customers around the world. I am confident that with the new purchase, Riot can continue to grow their mining operation and play an increasingly vital role in bitcoin mining across North America.” said Irene Gao, Antminer Sales Director of NCSA Region, Bitmain.

“Continued growth in deployed miners is paramount to a miner’s success,” said Jeff McGonegal, CEO of Riot. “Expanding the Company’s bitcoin mining hash rate and operating on a cost-effective basis is very important, particularly during periods when the bitcoin spot price has appreciably increased. We are pleased to have secured this latest purchase, especially given that the available supply of mining hardware continues to become increasingly scarce.”

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Ant Training Academy Offers Optimized Online Courses

Bitmain’s training service upgrading project ‘Ant Training Academy’ (ATA) made significant adjustments this year to ensure that participants worldwide can still be trained amid the global pandemic of COVID-19. ATA launched its online courses and has completed 16 online trainings courses so far, including 9 in Chinese and 7 in English, with more than 130 trainees participated, accounting for nearly 50% of the total number of trainees in 2020.

ATA is the only training institution and certification authority officially certified by Antminer. Based on years of knowledge dissemination and technology inheritance and accumulation, ATA offers optional maintenance training courses: onsite maintenance training and online maintenance training. Onsite maintenance training includes long-term courses (fundamentals of chip welding and miner maintenance training) and short-term courses (miner maintenance training only). Online maintenance training includes various training videos and documents, online trainer guidance, and Q&A.

Due to many participants being unable to attend onsite courses attributed to the pandemic, and with the growing urgency for maintenance training. ATA put together and developed high-standard online courses when the pandemic broke out and eventually came up with an explorative and practical solution as below:

The online maintenance training is composed of 3 phases. Material explanation, Q&A,  and examinations are modules included in each phase. The duration for the online training course is 14 days, and trainees can arrange the online learning time flexibly with exceptions for the assessments.

Course Content

Assessment: 3-Phase Examination (70%) + Theory Assessment (30%)

The maintenance training courses are currently available for the Antminer 9, 17, and 19 series. For the trainees who apply for the online training course from Oct.1, 2020, to Dec.31, 2020, a $200 coupon for purchasing materials on our official website shall be issued. Skills come from practice, so ATA still suggests participants take onsite courses if possible so that they can learn better through hands-on experience and face-to-face guidance from professional instructors.

More information about ATA could be found:

Online courses –

Onsite courses –

As a global leading technology company, Bitmain takes customer experiences as a priority. As a strategic role of Bitmain services, ATA keeps upgrading and evolving and will continue to upgrade training courses as market needs, especially to empower our customers with the ability to maintain and repair their miners, hence to reduce the losses caused by miner failures.

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Mining and Investment Summit 2020 Gathered Industry Leaders to Discuss Risk and Opportunities in Today’s Market

On November 24th, Bitmain joined hands with Matrixport to host the Mining and Investment Summit 2020. This half-day online event brought together the top leading companies in the fields of Cryptocurrency Mining and Digital Asset Financial Services, which delivered the latest and most significant Global Mining Trends, Risk Management, and Investment Opportunities currently happening in the industry.

The Mining and Investment Summit featured three keynote speeches and three-panel discussions. Su Ke, Sales Director of EMEA CIS Region of Antminer, participated and delivered the very first keynote speech, in which he addressed the current market trends, especially the growing demand for miners. He also announced the launch of Bitmain’s new products – Antminer S19j and S19j Pro, following the significant success of the 19 Series. The delivery date for this miner is set in June for China and July for the overseas market.

Su Ke then introduced Bitmain’s recent rack-style new product – AntRack, highlighting its key features, such as its modular design with hot-swappable features, upgradable hash boards, and the water-cooling unit. Su Ke also announced the AntRack to have an estimated availability in May 2021.

Following Su Ke’s presentation, Cynthia Wu, Head of BD and Sales of Matrixport, and Eugene Ng, Director of BD of Matrixport, discussed how miners could maximize gains and hedge risks in today’s market. They discussed Matrixport’s products of hedging with a leveraged bear, buy an insurance (buy a protective put), dual currency product, smart trend, and lending. This was followed by Thomas Heller, COO of Compass, who explained the current state of Bitcoin mining. In the panel discussions, industry elites talked about the global mining landscape, interesting mining trends in 2020, as well as the operations and investment into mining.

The summit came at a crucial time for the industry as the market demand for new and innovative ways to strengthen digital mining is growing, and the global landscape is undergoing a drastic reshape. Bitmain is looking to participate and even host more events like this to develop and share insightful observations and instructions, together with the top minds of the industry.

Interested viewers can find the event video here. If you are interested in participating in the next online event, feel free to contact

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A Close-up at Bitmain’s Rack-Style New Miner

Earlier this month, Bitmain announced a new rack-style mining hardware – AntRack. With features customized for large-scale deployment, Bitmain developed this new product to empower its clients to explore more potentials for their operations.

AntRack adopts a pioneering hot-swappable modularized configuration. The hash board, control panel, power supply unit (PSU), and fans, are essential parts that are hot-swappable for optimized operations. 

The hot-swappable design makes it a perfect fit for large-scale facilities, as it ensures the convenience to upgrade while maintaining eco-friendly operations. Once the AntRack is installed, owners can easily replace all the essential parts without powering down. When the new generation chipsets are released, the current hash boards can be easily replaced with the latest ones, effectively upgrading the current AntRack with the most efficient hash rates and power efficiency. Thus, it significantly reduces the human and resource consumption into new hardware, ensuring an eco-friendly operation.

To ensure mining operations are uninterrupted, and maximization of ROI is achieved. The AntRack adopts a 3+1 redundant operation power supply unit, bringing a total of 12+4 redundant operation for the entire rack, which is all hot-swappable, avoiding potential losses caused by power failure.

As an all-in-one rack-style miner, AntRack can be deployed quickly and conveniently. AntRack can easily be deployed and operational once its 3-phase AC power cable and network cable are plugged in, and the inlet & outlet for the water-cooling unit are set.

AntRack Easy Set-up Configuration

Knowing customers will have potential requests for large-scale placement, Bitmain provides an all-in-one data center solution – ANTBOX, that can house 10 AntRacks. This is a customized solution and can be designed per the client’s requests. It delivers all the advantages of AntRack into one package – eco-friendly, easy to deploy, upgradable, and reliable. By configuring the 3-phase AC power supply, network port, and water-cooling system, mining is possible in almost every location.

AntRack AntBox Solutions

Several water sources can be used on the condition that the water requirements are met, such as purified water sources from lakes and rivers. Utilizing the traditional cooling tower system is another option for other situations.

AntRack Water Cooling Unit Requirements

The main parameters of AntRack are as following:

AntRack Parameters

AntRack is a perfect fit for large-scale deployment of mining farms and data centers. 

Bitmain adheres to the user-friendly principle. By actively challenging the market and technological innovation, Bitmain strives to bring better products and services that can truly solve problems for our customers. AntRack yet again proves Bitmain’s determination and commitment.

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Bitmain releases Rack-Style New Miner, Bringing Next Level Computing Power

Bitmain is officially announcing a new rack-style mining equipment – AntRack. Featuring a hot-swappable modularized configuration, it is easy to deploy and upgrade with no need to turn off, and the rack-style design is an excellent option for customers of large-scale operations.

AntRack demonstrates strengths in terms as following:

Easy to Deploy and Expand

AntRack adopts a module design, including five key modules – 1 Rack, 1 Power Distribution Unit, 4 Servers, 1 Management Unit, and 1 Water Cooling Unit, and the crucial parts – Hash Board, Control Board, Power Supply Unit (PSU), and Fans – are all hot-swappable for optimized operations, significantly reduces the risk of machine depreciation while maximizing the effective mining time, making it a perfect option for customers looking to manage expansion cost and raise the rate of return. As long as the location allows, customers can set up as many AntRacks as needed, easy to expand anytime.

Suitable for Large-Scale Operations

AntRack Large-Scale Deployment

Rack-Style Miner is a perfect fit for large-scale deployment of mining farms and Internet data centers (IDC). AntRack can easily be deployed and get to work once its 3-phase AC power cable and network cable are plugged in, and the inlet & outlet for the water-cooling system is set. Besides, Bitmain provides an all-in-one data center solution – ANTBOX, each contains 10 AntRack miners. By configuring the 3-phase AC power supply, network port, and water-cooling system, mining is possible in almost every location.

Easy to Upgrade and Reliable

AntRack Hot-Swappable Design

The hot-swappable design of the AntRack allows replacing the hash board with the latest generation chipsets (7nm to 5nm, 3nm, and 1nm), each upgrade improves the overall computing power while maintaining the same power consumption. Also, each server of AntRack has PSU’s which provide 3+1 redundant operations to ensure that mining is never interrupted.

“Our design is driven by a problem-solving mindset. It has come to our attention that many of our customers are challenged when trying to expand their operations. The cost of equipment upgrade – not only the investment in new machines, but also the time consumption when turning down the old machines to switch with new ones. AntRack is our solution to that problem. Featuring a hot-swappable modularized design, AntRack can be conveniently and efficiently applied on large-scale deployment, while maintaining an effective management of budget in operation.” said Sun MingHui, AntRack Project R&D Director.

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Bitmain Signs Another Purchase Contract of 5,100 Antminer S19 Pros With Riot Blockchain

Singapore, Sep. 16, 2020 – Bitmain – the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware announces that it has signed another purchases contract with Riot Blockchain, one of the few Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency mining companies, with the new purchase of 5,100 next-generation Bitmain S19 Pro Antminers (110 TH) for more than USD $10 million, scheduled for receipt and deployment starting in February 2021.

By providing the most advanced miners, Bitmain will help Riot Blockchain achieve the goal of 2 EH/s hash rate capacity. The 5,100 new miners will bolster Riot Blockchain’s hashing power by roughly 0.56 EH/s

“Riot is a long-term close friend of ours, we are more than happy glad to expand our cooperation and deepen the partnership with them. With the full deployment of these 13,100 S19 Pros, we are helping them set path to the goal of 2 EH/s hash rate capacity. This will be a milestone for both Bitmain and Riot.” said Irene Gao, Antminer Sales Director of NCSA Region, Bitmain.

Last month, Riot just purchased 8,000 Bitmain S19 Pro Antminers. Starting from a 4,000 S17 Pro deal in this February, 20,140 Bitmain miners have been purchased by Riot within a year.

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Bitmain partners with Foundry to drive traditional capital into a new digital era

As the saying goes, “it takes money to make money”. In most industries where there are positive returns, there will be an abundance of capital and financing to support the growth of businesses. Yet historically mining businesses had few financing options open to them, despite the compelling returns they’re able to yield. However, this is rapidly changing as investors are increasingly recognizing the opportunity in crypto and investing traditional capital. Mining in particular, which is a fundamental of crypto and linked to the creation of intrinsic value, is one of the best and reliable ways to step foot into this sector.

One of the early pioneers to address the financing gap in a reliable and scalable way is the Digital Currency Group (DCG)’s subsidiary Foundry. Since its inception in 2019, Foundry has emerged as one of the largest bitcoin miners in North America. It has also extended tens of millions of dollars in equipment financing to other mining organizations and helped to procure almost half of the bitcoin mining delivered in North America this year.

Bitmain has been collaborating with Foundry for some time, who have provided the necessary capital to fund mining equipment for many of its large clients. This critical access to finance not only breaks down barriers to entry and growth for mining businesses, but it also strengthens the overall mining ecosystem.

“Foundry was established to empower miners with the tools that they need to build tomorrow’s decentralized infrastructure. An important part of this is addressing the chronic lack of financing options, which is holding back many successful mining businesses from scaling their operations”, said Mike Colyer, CEO at Foundry. “Through our partnership with Bitmain, we are proud to have helped many mining businesses across North America procure the mining equipment they need to realize growth.”

“Through Foundry’s work and financial support of our end customers, we have been able to ship a significant number of machines into North America this year,” said Su Ke, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Antminer at Bitmain. “Foundry’s institutional-grade services for North American businesses and its team’s expertise have played a key role in making this happen. We look forward to working closely with Foundry to reach even more customers and provide an even better experience for them.”

Fuelled in part by inexpensive and abundant renewable power, North America is rapidly becoming an epicenter for bitcoin mining, and one of Antminer’s fastest-growing markets. Bitmain’s recent $28.8 million Antminer S19 Pro deal with Nasdaq-listed Riot Blockchain, as well as a $23 million contract with Marathon Patent Group, are a testament to this growth trajectory.

Bitmain is truly excited to be a part of this growing opportunity and remain fully committed to working with partners such as Foundry to support customers as they scale their businesses.

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CBDCs: The Second Coming of Bitcoin

There has certainly been a lot of hype around Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Among its notable proponents is China, who earlier this year introduced a homegrown digital currency across four cities as part of a pilot program, marking a milestone on the path toward the first electronic payment system by a major central bank. This was followed by one of the oldest banks in the world, the Bank of England, who signaled it would consider pursuing a CBDC. 

So, does the trend for CBDCs pose a threat to established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? And what might the future hold? To begin answering this question, we must first understand its modern-day limitations.

Since the Bank of England’s foundation in 1694, the bank issued notes promising to pay the bearer a sum of money. For much of its history, it was entirely possible to take a Pound note to the bank and exchange it for gold, a scarce commodity with little physical utility. The gold provided the banknote with intrinsic value.

However, this link was broken by the British in 1931, and by the Americans in 1933 for its citizens. Today, the strength and dominance of fiat currency are based on nothing more than faith. Let’s take the USD, which since Bretton Woods, has rightly or wrongly, underpinned the modern financial system. It has value because we have faith in the United States’ economic and military strength, willingness to recover debts, and thus its ability to come good on its treasury bills.

As for Bitcoin, it has value because it is governed by an algorithm which means only 21 million Bitcoins can ever be mined. Once miners have unlocked all the Bitcoins, the planet’s supply will essentially be tapped out unless the protocol is changed to accommodate a larger supply. Therefore, Bitcoin’s value is intrinsically linked to the algorithm’s guarantee. 

When it comes to CBDCs, some commentators warn its proliferation will become a threat to Bitcoin as government-controlled currencies will replace unregulated cryptocurrencies. In reality, this is unlikely and the reason is this.

CBDCs are extensions of fiat currencies. They are subject to the usual rules of fiscal policy and economics. In short, they behave like fiat currencies. Federal regulators can perpetually print digital notes under the guise of quantitative easing, increasing inflation, and reducing purchase power. Changes in public confidence in a government can be enough to make their currency worthless virtually overnight. Just ask any Argentinian.

Bitcoin on the other hand has intrinsic value. Its value is not based on mere faith but a robust deflationary algorithm. This is why the introduction of CBDC’s are unlikely to have an impact on pure cryptocurrencies. However, with the increasing supply and diversity of CBDCs expected, an interesting discussion is what they will need to do with them.

We’re living in a digital era and technology has radically transformed many industries. Look no further than the geopolitical tensions around 5G which are set to unlock the multi-trillion “Industry 4.0”. Yet the current financial system has been slow to transform. Markets are still opening at 8am and shutting up shop around 5pm, in a world where global 24/7 markets are entirely possible.

For CBDCs to have true purpose and value beyond its paper equivalent, the financial system will need to be rebuilt to support them. When this happens, to take a religious term will be the second coming of Bitcoin.

If financial institutions are forced to build out the infrastructure to transact and store CBDCs, the same underlying infrastructure could be used to support Bitcoin. In fact, investment banks would cherish this. They are not precious about whether it’s fiat or a shiny metal they are trading. They just want access to a diverse range of asset classes. Also, imagine millions, perhaps billions of people with access to digital wallets, accustomed to digital money with financial services to match. If Bitcoin is supported as part of this revolution, this increases Bitcoin’s utility, and therefore value.

The proliferation of CBDCs will therefore indirectly give Bitcoin a boost, increasing its value and relevance. Expect to see another gold rush wave for enterprising miners, recognizing the opportunity to get ahead of the inevitable. But this time it won’t just be individuals with their ASIC miners or even the farms participating. 

So when we begin to see financial system 2.0 come to bear, what would you rather hold? CBDCs or Bitcoin? If the latter, it might be time to ensure your mining hardware and setup is giving you the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead of the curve in this next gold rush.

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